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How many calls does your customer care department receive per day? How long is one call on average? How many minutes, hours or days does this accumulate to per year? And how many of these calls are simple, transactional and repetitive – and thus can be completely automated?

AssistYou provides the solution by creating the best AI driven voice assistant. The voice assistants are connected to your CRM systems and phone numbers. This enables them to handle your customers’ questions 24/7. Through this, AssistYou increases your company’s availability, reduces your customer service workload and improves your customer satisfaction.

Unlike many other voice-firms we are already successfully delivering our end-to-end solutions today, making their integration fast and easy. We make sure that your company can see a big impact by utilising the power of voice technology. Starting today.


Become available 24/7

Customers like to make appointments whenever it suits them best. We help your business to become available - always.

Reduce costs

With over 200.000 successfully processed calls per month, our clients save 1/3 of their customer care costs.

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase the satisfaction rate of your customers by reducing waiting times by up to 70%.

Higher productivity employees

Don’t let your employees spend their time on repetitive tasks by decreasing the number of these tasks by up to 60%.

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Our Story

AssistYou was founded by Bram van Zanten and Pepijn de Rijk who both started their career at the Google EMEA Headquarters in Dublin and have since worked with the most innovative brands and companies across the globe.

Bram and Pepijn are driven by their passion to turn technology into services that improve people’s lives. From this shared passion for innovation, AssistYou was born: a company that strives to enhance the interaction between company and customer by using voice technology.

Ultimately, AssistYou is here to change the world by solving two things:

  1. Our voice technology makes your interaction with customers as fast and efficient as possible, so you can focus on your business again.
  2. Remember that time when you had to crack the secret code in order to talk to a phone representative. Yes, we hate those calls too! AssistYou makes calling companies easier, faster, and – you know – more human.

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