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AssistYou creates kick-ass digital voice assistants; optimized for high accuracy, low latency and fluent conversations. Our voice assistants are hooked-up to our customers’ phone numbers and CRM systems, thereby making them true members of our customers’ team!

Unlike many other voice-firms we are already delivering our solutions today, and we make them universally accessible (no need for fancy speakers or proprietary apps; although we’re open to linking those up too). Our result driven approach will make sure that every business, small or big, can make a big impact by utilising the power of voice technology.


Become 24/7 available

Customers like to make appointments whenever it suits them best. We help your business to become available for your customers - always!

Reduce costs

Significantly lower your cost by using smart technology.

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase the satisfaction rate of your customers by always being available when they want to. They will love you for it!

Higher productivity employees

Don’t let your employees be distracted & disturbed by the phone anymore. Bring back the focus to your clients and the product you provide to them.

Our Story

AssistYou was founded by two guys who are driven by their passion to turn technology into services that improve people’s lives. Bram van Zanten & Pepijn de Rijk both started their career at the Google EMEA Headquarters in Dublin and have since worked with the most innovative brands and companies across the globe.

During their many coffee breaks (who doesn’t like a good espresso macchiato) they channeled the energy they got from the caffeine to bounce ideas off of each other, develop sophisticated business plans, and find new solutions to improve the overall business of their clients.

From this shared passion and drive AssistYou was born, a company that strives to enhance the interaction between company and customer by using voice technology.

Ultimately, AssistYou is here to change the world by solving two things:

  1. We get it, talking robots in your living room can be scary and having a computer voice as your partner wasn’t your idea of a ‘happily ever after’ relationship. Luckily, we’re not here to suck you away from your social life – you know, the one where you physically talk to people. We’re here to give it back to you. Our voice technology should make your interaction with companies as fast and efficient as possible, so you can spend more time doing what you love most.
  2. Remember that time when you had to crack the secret code in order to talk to a phone representative only to have the phone cut off in the end. Yes, we hate those calls too! At AssistYou, we believe you shouldn’t be the one having to do the heavy lifting when you simply want to talk to a representative. And being able to talk a company shouldn’t depend on their opening hours. We’re here to make calling companies easier, simpler, and – you know – more human.

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