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Increase the satisfaction rate of your customers by always being available when they want to. They will love you for it!

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Don’t let your employees be distracted & disturbed by the phone anymore. Bring back the focus to your clients and the product you provide to them.

Our Background

AssistYou is founded by Bram van Zanten & Pepijn de Rijk. Both are former Google employees and started working around 7 years ago (2011) at the European headquarters of Google in Dublin – Ireland.

In their jobs at Google they were account representatives responsible for small- medium- & large companies. During their coffee breaks they were always exchanging thoughts about how to improve the overall business of their clients.

Ultimately AssistYou was born out of two important components:

  1. Our burning passion for technology and in particular voice technology. And no folks, please don’t be afraid, voice will not be the revolutionary, the world breaking apocalypse that will change our lives in a way that it will never be the same anymore.. No!However, we do believe that voice can make our lives more efficient, faster and more effective… But more on that later..!
  2. Our burning frustration towards bad service-oriented companies. To name just a few real-life-examples: calling a restaurant in the morning just to make a simple reservation but unfortunately the restaurant is closed and does not answer the phone.

Or the hairdresser in the salon that keeps walking away to pick up the telephone to book clients a spot, while in the meantime you are waiting in the chair. What about a terrible toothache and you’re calling the dentist to make an are hearing an automated message saying that they only take on appointments in the mornings. The examples are just endless: a simple appointment to view a house that’s for sale or an appointment for a car check in the garage.. The representatives of the company are just too busy for you.



So AssistYou creates kick-ass digital voice assistants; optimized for high accuracy, low latency and fluent conversations. Our voice assistants are hooked-up to our customers’ phone numbers and CRM systems, thereby making them true members of our customers’ team!

Unlike many other voice-firms we are already delivering our solutions today, and we make them universally accessible (no need for fancy speakers or proprietary apps; although we’re open to linking those up too). Our result driven approach will make sure that every business, small or big, can make a big impact by utilising the power of voice technology.

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