Why should you join us?

We are active in one of the fastest growing technology areas today; voice.
This area has ample space for gifted engineers to innovate, grow and amaze!

Unlike many other voice-firms we are already delivering our solutions today, and we make them universally accessible (no need for fancy speakers or proprietary apps; although we’re open to linking those up into a ‘one-voice platform’ in the future).

Working in voice, you will quickly be able to see the ‘fruit of your work’; and see great ideas come to live to amaze our users!


What do we offer?

We offer the ability to become one of the first experts in voice; to pioneer new solutions and the ability to ‘get on board early’ with one the most promising technology areas existing today.

Our founders leverage a large network; having 10+ years experience working for Google.

We are opening this network up to our team; organizing meetups and encouraging our engineers to become thought-leaders in the voice space.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for serious engineers, who:

  • Take pride: you love seeing the stuff you build work, and take pride in knowing it’s crafted in just the right way.

  • Take ownership: you get it done, even when it’s not exactly your task. You owe up to your mistakes, learn from them and move on.

  • Love simplicity: you are creative about finding simple solutions to complex problems.


Junior/Medior Back-End Software Developer – PHP

In this role you are primarily responsible responsible for helping us scale, and secondarily responsible for helping build-out our platform. This means you’ll work on:

  • Designing voicebots and hooking-up API’s.

  • Developing platform services: i.e. security, provisioning & monitoring.

  • Built out our platform: smoothly integrate new features from platforms such as Dialogflow into our our conversation-framework.


Required skills/experience: PHP (solid back-end focus), PHP CURL & oAuth (for linking-up API’s).

Preferred skills: GCP, DialogFlow, NodeJS, Phalcon, Kubernetes, VOIP/PBX systems. Interest to work directly with customers (i.e. understand their needs and translate this into solutions).


Senior Back-End Engineer / Architect – PHP or NodeJS

In this role you are responsible for the technical design/architecture of our platform.

Required skills: Experience designing large back-end architectures built up from various microservices. Ability to understand business requirements, reduce complexity and turn this into a technical blueprint. Comfortable taking leadership within a larger team of engineers.